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“Successful achievement of any strategy depends upon the right people being not only able to rise to the challenges given to them, but also being inspired, motivated and committed to effectively execute any plan.”

Leadership Development

The team working with Organisation Dynamics are really lucky. We have our head office based in picture postcard Switzerland, yet have the desire and ability to operate globally. Our collective work and experience covers numerous cultures and stretches across nearly every continent and in more than 30 countries.

Even better, we come unencumbered with the baggage that many larger organisations bring with them, meaning no pre-prepared solutions, no copy write products and no preconceived ideas. Rather, we prefer to use our big ears to simply listen to your challenges and better understand what keeps you awake at night. This makes us faster, leaner, more adaptable and more agile.

We are all truly extraordinary and highly talented business development professionals who have experienced real life in the corporate world with its daily trials, tests, politics and pressures. Our backgrounds & collated experiences cover a variety of industrial sectors including but not limited to, automotive, construction, finance, not-for-profit, Pharma / health, telecoms, utilities & travel. With all this in mind we love to work as an embedded strategic partner and provide real added value to your activities. 

Feel free to browse the profiles of our core associate team by clicking on our pictures and get a little closer to who we are and understand what we have done.  

David Watkins

Leadership, Culture & OD

David Barker

Digital & Mobile Strategy & Leadership

Peter Melrose

Leadership Shaper & Coach

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