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Team High Five

Since then, the power of "word of mouth" has enabled us to evolve  into a nimble, lean and super flexible small team of exceptionally experienced advisors. 

Our "hub and spoke" network allows us to have established presence in dynamic geographic business centres, while simultaneously enabling faster collaboration and experience sharing to develop customised solutions that focus on your needs.

​We have all worked “in the business”. Many of us have done the jobs you may hold. Consequently, our collective work experiences stretch across more than 25 global organizations, 50 countries and nearly every continent (we have not made Antarctica -yet).


We thrive through our curiosity:  In your business, your customers, your talent and how we can help you become more successful. 

Organisation Dynamics was founded in 2016 in Zurich with one simple intention:

Turn Talent & HR into Value Creators.

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The Core Team

Peter Melrose 


Ramesh Fatania


David Watkins


Michael Yurchuk 

New York

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